Planet Portfolio

The widest breadth of critical climate solutions on the planet come together here. The Planet Portfolio cuts across industries to focus on what’s most urgently needed to dramatically reduce emissions and remove carbon from the atmosphere.


The Big Picture

The next few years are the most critical in human history for climate action.

Solutions are scaling fast, but we need short-term success to counteract humankind's slow progress on climate action. It's a false choice to make bets on where to focus because the reality is we need meaningful impact across the board. That's why we developed the Planet Portfolio, a one-stop shop that enables businesses to confidently and easily support multiple, transformative climate projects across all sectors.

The Specifics

The Planet Portfolio provides the best approach to companies seeking to support the most comprehensive climate impact.

The portfolio covers the three pillars of carbon mitigation: CO2 removal, emissions reduction, and the protection of high-value carbon stores. Several projects have also been included that innovate to bring new technologies forward or accelerate existing mitigation strategies.

Each project has been carefully selected according to rigorous qualification criteria that align with the latest science. Each provides ongoing performance monitoring with frequent updates on your impact. The impact of the portfolio goes beyond carbon to provide many verifiable co-benefits to nature and local communities.

How this portfolio is different

Projects are hand-selected and evaluated against 15+ criteria
Balanced across project types according to latest science
Delivers both immediate impacts and outcomes over the next five years
Diversification allows for scale and risk mitigation
Funds a global set of projects across the spectrum

Portfolio Breakdown

13 projects in total

Projects are distributed across the world

Portfolio Impact

Your impact scorecard

Every purchase of this portfolio comes with an Impact Scorecard showing the overall projected impact of the CO2 certificate you purchased. This scorecard aggregates the positive SDG-aligned outcomes of the projects in the portfolio, including Nature and Community impacts.

Your impact

Different projects achieve outcomes in different time frames. Some projects have already achieved some goals, while others are just kicking off and may take one or a few years to attain their full impact. As projected impacts become realized, your CO2 dashboard will show your progress. These metrics aim to represent the range of benefits that projects achieve but do not tell the whole story, so we'll also send you biannual reports that include qualitative assessments of project performance.

Our commitment

Projects may not always go as planned. We will always tell you when they do or do not hit the mark, and how we are addressing any issues that arise. We are committed to the highest levels of transparency and raising standards across the industry.

Impact Scorecard for a $10,000 purchase







How we verify impact partners with research organizations, rating agencies, data providers, and third party auditors to independently verify climate, environmental, and social impact.

Based on the project, ratings and data from the following organizations have been considered in CO2’s due diligence process. Specific partners vary by project type.

Sustainable Development Goals

This portfolio supports the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

No PovertyZero HungerGood Health and Well-beingQuality EducationGender EqualityClean Water and SanitizationAffordable and Clean EnergyDecent Work and Economic GrowthIndustry, Innovation and InfrastructureReduced InequalitiesResponsible Consumption and ProductionClimate ActionLife Below WaterLife On LandPeace, Justice and Strong Institutions

The Planet Portfolio represents a well-researched and balanced mix of high-quality projects. It aims to make it easy for businesses to accelerate towards achieving net-zero and being nature positive.

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