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Pioneering Carbon Dioxide Removal

Scalable deployment of Direct Air Capture in the U.S. with Project Bison.

Wyoming, United States

About this Project

CarbonCapture Inc. is a U.S. climate tech company that makes direct air capture (DAC) systems based on a ground-breaking modular open systems architecture. The company has partnered with carbon storage developer Frontier Carbon Solutions to permanently remove five million tons of CO2 from the atmosphere annually by 2030. The partnership, named Project Bison, will deploy CarbonCapture’s DAC modules atop Frontier’s CO2 transportation and storage infrastructure in Wyoming. Developed over multiple phases through 2030, Project Bison is designed to meet the rapidly growing need for high-quality engineered carbon removal credits.

Direct air capture refers to technology solutions that filter carbon dioxide directly out of the atmosphere. When air moves over certain materials, they selectively bind to CO2. CarbonCapture uses solid sorbent capture materials, which are typically composed of common chemicals that are already in use in other applications. Once CO2 is captured from the atmosphere, heat is applied to release it, regenerating capture materials for another capture cycle. CarbonCapture uses only renewables or other zero-carbon resources to power its systems.

Why We Picked This Project

This project provides a high quality, net carbon removal benefit poised to scale. CarbonCapture has proven its technology and is now preparing for large-scale deployment. With clean energy powering the units, this project provides a net carbon removal benefit that is measurable, verifiable, and permanent. In addition to CarbonCapture’s DAC technology, the project leverages the geological sequestration capabilities of Frontier Carbon Solutions and the engineering and construction expertise of Fluor Corporation. In addition, the project utilizes land that has previously been disturbed by oil & gas exploration, does not conflict with any large mammal migratory corridors, and permanently stores CO2 in EPA-regulated geological structures (Class VI wells).

Project success depends on a few critical steps, such as permitting, which CO2 will be tracking carefully and providing updates until credit delivery in late 2023.

Our Assessment of this Project

Project Developer


Standards & Certifications

  • Under Development


Dec 2023 - First capture and injection

Pending regulatory approval, first capture and injection takes place

Mar 2024 - First credits issued

First verification report delivered

Dec 2024 - Project complete

All of credits delivered, CarbonCapture continues growing capacity

Benefits & Impact


  • Creation of many well-paying jobs in the clean-tech industry for the citizens of Wyoming, a state that has largely been dependent on jobs and tax revenues associated with fossil fuels.

  • Increase in the level of economic activity in an area of Wyoming where 14% of the population lives below the poverty line.

  • Community engagement program will seek opportunities to promote well-paying jobs to women (the gender pay gap is greater in Wyoming than in any other state in the U.S.).

  • Serves as a model for other large-scale atmospheric carbon removal projects throughout the U.S.

Sustainable Development Goals

This project supports the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Decent Work and Economic GrowthIndustry, Innovation and InfrastructureClimate Action

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1000+ years

Additionality Summary

The only reason to commence direct air capture projects is to sell the Verified Emissions Credits. Therefore, they are indisputably additional climate benefits.

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